After a two-year break, the Oktoberfest is taking place again in Munich. The beer prices rise – like every year – again. FOCUS Online shows in which tent the Oktoberfest beer is the “cheapest”.

Rising prices are routine at the Wiesn, and this year too. In 2022, a liter of beer will cost up to 13.70 euros in the large tents. But there are also breweries that charge less than 13 euros per liter.

Beer price 2022 at the Wiesn (alphabetically by tent name):

According to the mayor of the city, the Munich Oktoberfest will only take place this year without any restrictions to protect against the corona virus – or not at all. After all, you couldn’t pull access restrictions out of a hat four weeks in advance, Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) told Bayerischer Rundfunk on Wednesday evening. In the short term, neither the necessary security personnel nor the technology to check digital vaccination certificates would be available.

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD), on the other hand, considers such statements to be difficult in view of the possible development of new variants of the corona virus. The Oktoberfest is scheduled to begin on September 17th.