While Heidi Klum (50) was still looking for a very specific type of woman in previous seasons of “Germany’s next top model”, this year’s season was all about diversity. This means that, for example, older women, the so-called best agers, or curvy models were also allowed to register for the casting. Despite this openness, the talent show is currently heavily criticized. Désirée Nick (65) also railed against the format and model mom Heidi in the BUNTE.de interview – but for a different reason than most other critics. She believes that Heidi is damaging the modeling industry with her diversity approach.

BUNTE.de met Désirée in Kaufland in Berlin at a presentation of the new audio guide “Kaufland market leader”. There the 65-year-old also spoke about Heidi’s new GNTM concept: “I still remember the times, at the beginning of the show, where there were scandals because the girls had to go on a diet. It was also against human rights that Heidi Klum said you have to refrain from lollipops and ice cream and pizza twice a day. I think she’s strayed from that too.” Désirée doesn’t believe that the curvy models in Heidi’s show will actually be successful in the fashion industry: “Not one of the girls will ever show couture in Paris. Not one. It’s an illusion.” But is there any truth to Désirée’s harsh assessment? After all, there are some curvy models, such as Ashley Graham (34) or Angelina Kirsch (33), who are also very successful internationally. Even some of Heidi’s earlier girls, such as Sarina Nowak (28) or Dascha Carriero (22) have been able to get some coveted jobs as curvy models.

But Désirée even goes one step further. She believes that Heidi’s approach to diversity even harms the modeling industry – and is not stingy with harsh words: “There are models so that there are ideals. If you say everyone is a model, eat it, it doesn’t matter what you look like, then soon there won’t be any more models. In fact, it works against its own industry. Because then there are no more ideals when you wear hotpants but have a bottom like a brewery horse, but Heidi said you’re beautiful and you can wear it. She says that anyone can be a model, so she actually gets rid of what she herself has never landed on.” The fact that Heidi’s show has become more and more diverse in recent years seems to be a thorn in Désirée’s side: “I think it’s a shame , because I always say one thing: standards that have once been lost never come back. You can only keep standards by striving for ideals, and that means you have to do something about it.”

Désirée Nick collapsed while filming the new RTL show “I’m a Star – the Class Reunion”. As “Bild” reports, citing her management, the TV star suffered a dizzy spell on Friday evening and was hospitalized. “My heart almost stopped,” Nick said the day after.

Désirée Nick, who has earned the nickname “Germany’s sharpest tongue” over the years and who showed a certain potential for bullying in “Celebrities under Palm Trees” last year, is feared by many. This is probably also the case with Georgina Fleur.

RTL celebrates its own cult programs for an evening and reveals manipulations and true backgrounds. The “jungle camp” enemies Nick and Buster are also asked to reconcile. But the opposite happens.

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