the First storm of the season.

In the Atlantic ocean was formed tropical storm “Arthur”. It happened two weeks before the “official” start of the Atlantic hurricane season, CNN reports.

The sparks & swirls of Arthur. br>
The first tropical storm of the Hurricane Season 2020.

Two US air force Hurricane Hunter learn, enhanced he. It will become clear in the coming 36 hours.

According to meteorologists, the power of the “Arthur” will be felt by residents of the U.S. coast from North Carolina to Florida on Monday. The storm will bring gusty winds and heavy rains. Then he can retreat back into the ocean or increase, together with the atmospheric front.

In the North Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. Peak around September 10. Last year, the strongest Atlantic hurricane was the “Dorian”. He has formed off the East coast of the United States on 1 September. “Dorian” was rated the maximum in the fifth category. The wind speed reached up to 298 km per hour.

Anna Lysenko

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