Tatiana! For institutions of Rospotrebnadzor summer, without exaggeration, the most stressful time. And so the current that runs in the background СOVID, even more so. Yes, it’s time for recreation, and vacation time. But it is the summer of choice for many infections, especially intestinal. And aktiviziruyutsya the trust, exacerbated chronic cardiovascular disease, diabetes. Under the influence of active solar radiation progressing cancer. Stop, because, I think, already all intimidated. Still summer is a very fertile time for recreation, and for health promotion. The one indispensable condition. What?

Tatiana Rozhentsova: No, not intimidated until the end. You didn’t say anything about that summer – time travel. And so, to his own sores be added those which are imported. Just do not think that is necessarily from some far abroad. Not at all! Quite a common phenomenon, say, from the South, in the same Moscow or Perm may bring the same hemorrhagic fever. It was last year: coronavirus was not, but in the Lower Volga region there were cases of renal hemorrhagic fever. You may seem strange, but now most of the questions… about water, because we don’t know exactly if passed through water the same СOVID. While the data deny the transfer, but the final data anywhere in the world. So is it possible to go to sea? Is it possible to swim in the river that flows near the house? There are even concerns about the pools. Although the pools easier. It needs to be clean. It needs to meet certain established safety standards. But the river, lake, sea? The CPS has taught us to bathe only in the resolved places. But we have a special mentality, which can not affect even the coronavirus. For us, the law does not apply? Believe me, write. They help to maintain health, so please follow them.

Here and got the family on holiday by the sea. But it is necessarily accompanied by acquisition of sun. It is even somehow strange to come back from the sea shore without chocolate tan.

Tatiana Rozhentsova: about the sun recommendations the roof. But still take advantage of the “Russian newspaper” and will say it again. Yes, UV rays are the main suppliers of vitamin D. And this vitamin is a required component of immunity. Let me remind you that virtually all children before prescribing fish oil. Some drank it with pleasure. Often drank with disgust, but still drank because he ozdoravlivatj. Time passed, and cod liver oil lost its popularity. But in vain! The main component of fish oils – the vitamin D. And there is another supplier of ultraviolet rays. Conclusion? Turns out to lie more in the sun to get this Vita��another? And here and there.

Remember the days when in the same Yalta or Sochi lying on the beach of the Black sea have been received teams: turn back, turn on your stomach, lie on your left side, on the right. That is, we are commanded how to use UV, how to tan, but not burn. It’s not only in possible burns and blisters. The fact that the ultraviolet excess is extremely dangerous.

Tatiana Rozhentsova: I will give examples. Worldwide, a growing number of oncological diseases of the skin. And this has been proven by researchers, is often a consequence of sun “to black”. Harm not only for the skin. People who have history of cancer, the ultraviolet light must be carefully dosed. And this applies not only to cancer but also to those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. An excess of sunlight is contraindicated for children, elderly people. And if someone thinks that on the sore joints sun is good, is a mistake.

In this season, in connection with the same СOVID, “in Vogue” every thrombosis. It has become customary to talk about blood clotting, and possible bleeding. People who go on holiday should be aware of the condition of his circulatory system? He must know about the level of hemoglobin, platelet counts, clotting and other blood indices?

Tatiana Rozhentsova: As practice shows, just have to know! The same passion for swimming, the same ultraviolet radiation, changing the blood picture. Low hemoglobin count below 100, or high – above 160 – it is not just information for consideration, and to the fact that people with such indicators should be very attentive to the choice of destinations. Optimally, if a holiday is close to the residence. But by and large: before heading to rest, you need to undergo treatment. Where? This is not hospitalization is required. Patients can be treated on an outpatient basis. Unfortunately, however, these conditions are not widespread. If there is no outpatient treatment, it is necessary to send a man to the hospital. And only after the selection of appropriate drugs, and after restored the blood picture you can go to rest. But preferably without changing the climatic zone. The recommendations, which we have just said applies to any age. However, as we now say, when choosing vacation spots, there are risks. These risks include children, pregnant women, people suffering from chronic diseases, the elderly.

To have a single Golden rule: to enjoy their climatic conditions. But in my own experience I know that this strategy is boring. I want diversity, new experiences that are not covered depression, sadness. Hunting to change of places can not be undone. But owls��you probably should be. More specifically, intelligent advice.

Tatiana Rozhentsova: Agree with you. The change places can not do. But pregnant she is still contraindicated. Even to fly in an airplane for them is not the best option. And shake the train, in the car, too dangerous. A pregnant should take care of themselves and unborn child. Draw your own conclusions. It is not recommended to Oncology patients, past chemotherapy and radiation therapy, to go to a hot country. And moreover, as we have said, lie in the sun. We in any case do not do advertising, but it is proven that domestic resorts of mineral waters – Kislovodsk, Yessentuki, Zheleznovodsk, foreign Karlovy vary have a beneficial effect on people suffering from primarily gastrointestinal diseases, and not only them. Mineral water improve immunity, cleanse the body of many health hazards. Because these resorts are shown for people of different ages, including very old, and children.

I would like to say about children. Many parents are very busy, and they are “out on vacation”, sometimes for 10 days, and even for a week. Such brevity can be dangerous for themselves and especially for their children. The child has no time to adapt to the new conditions of life. Because such a journey may have a negative impact on his health.

Starts widespread exit from isolation. She brought different losses in different areas of life. And it is very noticeable that for many it turned into a deep depression, neurosis. What to do to them? To begin to ingest anti-depressants? They are the same few people are treated.

Tatiana Rozhentsova: you Can do without antidepressants. We must remember that it is not harmless drugs. Only a specialist can pick up that preparation which will help to the patient. We are constantly faced with the fact that the people themselves appoint such drugs, drink them in large quantities, and the depression does not go away. Begin headaches, palpitations, sweating. So let me remind you about vitamin D. It can really help to get rid of depression, but it is not necessary to assign themselves and swallowing handfuls. Moderation is very important for the preservation of health.

About moderation, you need to say and then, when it comes to drinking. What is best and in what quantities we should drink in summer?

Tatiana Rozhentsova: Certainly not beer! The best drink at any time of the year – water. Not from the tap. Only in certain regions the water from under the crane is suitable to quench your thirst. I find it hard to name the regions where tap water is suitable for drinking. It is better to boil. Useful in the morning before Breakfast, drink someone glass someone half a Cup, and someone a quarter Cup of water. It all depends on age, presence of chronic diseases. Consult with your doctor. Unfortunately, now there is advertising, the alleged need to drink 3-4 or more liters of water per day. Can’t agree with it and categorically call something maximum number. A day is advisable to drink 4 glasses of water, if your Cup is placed 200 ml. Water can be replaced with tea, unsweetened juice, juice without sugar. But here we must avoid categorical. It is necessary to take into account the air temperature, the weight, the presence of certain chronic diseases.

it So happened that on two specializations. I am a cardiologist and infectious disease. And 20 years of my practical experience allows to draw one conclusion: to be healthy, it is necessary though a little to love myself. And it means: to give up bad habits, this means that, in particular, choosing the place and type of holiday, you need to think about how he is fashionable and attractive, and how it will affect my health.