that’s what we are. If a citizen bought a dacha plot with an old house and wants to build a new one, any real estate expert will tell you that just to remove the old wall and build a new house will not work. First it is necessary long and painfully to deal with the old house. The walls, though old, roof, albeit leaky, legally – registered property, it is written in the registry.

the same situation with the heirs, which is unable to collapsed years ago a house in the village. Almost every villager can show today’s rotten in the neighborhood the logs in thickets of nettles, which in the Unified state register of real estate appear as a full-fledged estate. Ruins have the address and all the required real estate documents. The new owner of here “chorus” must now first draw on the existing nature of the ruins, and then as their master, to start something to do with them – to tear down or restore. And then again to register on a new property.

Now people just need to wait for the bill, a full-fledged law. This document, put bureaucratic language, expands the categories of persons who may seek the provision of state services registration areas. Now the heir who received the country in the form of collapsed houses and overgrown acres, will be able to apply for removal of the ruins from the state cadastral registration and termination of property of the deceased.

However, there is one “but”. This is possible to do only in case if an old house has in the Unified state register of real estate. Registration of ownership rights to the garden house to the heir is not required.

This means that the new owner will be removed from the register he inherited the house, not making him the right of ownership. Great savings of money and time, and nerves. Because it is often to go for registration of the same rural population accounts for tens and hundreds of kilometers. Even the document says that the statement on the cadastral accounting and registration of rights can submit the copyright holders sites that are in lifetime inheritable possession or permanent use of, the division or merging parcels.

And another important point: the owners of the land on which the house stands owned by other persons can apply for deregistration of the property, if owned real estate, the legal entity was liquidated or in the event of death of the property owner in the absence of his heirs. The same right in similar situations will get the authorities.

For the bill and property owners in apartment buildings. They will be eligible to apply for state registration of a share in the common property.

Affect the document and business. We are talking about removal from accounting of object of incomplete construction, if such object is completed and put into operation, such as a building or Parking place. This can be done without additional paperwork in the form of inspection reports and statements.