Ranepa drew attention to the lack of seasonal agricultural workers. This was reported by RBC with reference to the study of experts. With the same difficulties faced by European farmers. Because of the closed borders migrants can’t come, and the locals usually harvest don’t want to. But European producers and other problems because of the sealed borders.

The farmer from Germany Ernst-August Mora is agribusiness in Lithuania and Kaliningrad. He also suffers from closed borders. But for different reasons than other European and Russian farmers. The German high-tech sector, the processes are automated. He employs highly skilled workers from Denmark, Germany, France. But how to negotiate with partners from other countries how to calculate acreage? Here that care about Maura.

— The question is not working, it is performance which you require. You need fewer workers, you need workers with high qualifications. The number is not a problem

a But what about closed borders?

That’s for us a real problem. We can’t get in, to enter into negotiations, and at the moment we do not understand, what can we do now and in the future. We do not know which day will open the border, how to sow seeds, how to work with farmers abroad, that’s what my problem is.

Speaking of unskilled labor, the migrants, it has become a big issue for many representatives of agriculture in Russia and in the European Union. In Moscow “the Farm named after Lenin” every year to pick strawberries 200 workers. This year due to closed borders half to come did not, says General Director Pavel Grudinin.

Gathering berries — hours of heavy manual work under the scorching sun. So the locals in Russia, in Europe, in the US it does. Those who are willing to work from other regions, it will not bring inner border is also closed, says Pavel Grudinin.

Pavel Grudinin, General Director of “Sovkhoz imeni Lenina”: “the Russians usually go, but they also need to move from region to region. We have some limitations on moving. And now, even for the Muscovites in the conditions of self-isolation visit to the farm is a problem, it is necessary to cross the border between Moscow and Moscow region. The second is the General trend. Not every person living in Russia or in Germany, wants to collect the strawberries”.

Union berry producers have been warned that because of the lack of manpower of a large company will be able to collect only 20% of the crop. And the harvest season, these farmers, if we are talking about the southern regions, starting in mid-April. In Central Russia — from June, which is in��t come.

The question of migrants have not been resolved, the border closed indefinitely. And if you can not decide, it seems, the harvest is left to rot in the fields. This same problem was noticed in the Volgograd and Astrakhan regions. The head of the grain farms of the Rostov region Alexey Zhdanov recently spoke with his counterpart from Astrakhan.

“There, where vegetables, kitchen gardens, I think you need immigrants. Where there is livestock, you need immigrants. No one does not want to work in animal husbandry. Russians are simply not enough. They are not in the villages. With the farmer-gardener from Astrakhan spoke, the village has no inhabitants, there were four houses. Who will work there? Naturally, only workers.”

The EU eventually found a way out. The authorities allowed to bring in migrants on a Charter flight. And German, British farmers for their lucky money to his employees from Eastern Europe. Ranepa is also suggested that a similar output, but with the condition that the migrants who arrived through quarantine.

However, you will not end the harvest, while to take the decision and arrange a Charter and held a two-week quarantine? Another proposed output is reminiscent of the Soviet past — to attract students. However, then it was an obligation now to get more complicated.

This past labor school in the USSR remember her with pleasure. But today’s students have and other entertainment, in addition to songs around the campfire and free love. Finally, one good news. The crop of fruits this year is expected is not as big due to spring frosts, will be easier to collect — “General frost” we again helped.