We are not halfway through the fight, says Solberg. But good teamwork has given Norway control over the virus.

Norway will gradually re-open the community in a controlled manner, says the Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg, at a press conference on Tuesday.

Here, she presented the government’s plan for easing on the part of the strict measures that are in force because of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

the Government’s plan implies that schools and kindergartens are opening gradually.

the Nursery opens from the 20. april, and the week after follows the youngest classes in schools as well as the SFO’s.

Hairdressers and other businesses that are closed for reasons to smittefaren, may open again in the course of april, if they fulfil the requirements for measures to protect against infection, says Solberg.

She stresses that the norwegians must get used to, that there will continue to be measures in the work against the spread of infection.

Among other things, many will continue to work from home.

– We are not halfway through the game, if we are to compare us with a football match. But with good teamwork, Norway has managed to gain control of this virus. The task now is to maintain this control, says Solberg.

She warns the norwegians against the belief that one can now turn completely back to everyday life, as it looked before the coronaudbruddet.

– What we do now, is to open up a little. But I emphasise as strongly as I can, that this does not mean that we become careless in other areas. Other measures and council, shall continue to apply, says the prime minister.

But the ban that has been introduced to take on the hytteture in the Norwegian mountains, will be lifted again from the 20. april, notify the minister of health, Bent, Distinguished according to the news agency Reuters.

Noble said on Monday that Norway has got the infection “under control” and reduced the spread of infection with the initiatives that have been introduced.

At Tuesday’s press conference he stresses that stringent measures have been difficult for many, but necessary and important. And a part of the actions must go a bit further.

– the Fight against the virus has not been won, although we now seem to have reached the target of every average person does not infect more than one, says Noble.