Jens String does not pull any punches. It has to be a terrible time.

Italy is one of the countries that have been hardest hit by the coronavirus. Especially the north of Italy, where Jens Skims His club, Udinese, holds to have been extra hard hit.

The Danish landsholdsback hesitates not to call it a terrible time, where the restrictions and the death toll has filled more than football and training.

“It has been going on for really long now, and it is only just recently that it seems that it goes a little better. But otherwise it has just been a terrible time, where the death toll has only increased, and infected only grown all the time, so it has been an incredibly tough time,” says the Danish national team for TV3 Sport.

Even though the soccer ball is smoked in the background, so should the form still be kept roughly equal. Here, the former Brøndby and FC Nordsjælland player had to think creatively, because in Italy you must not be more than 200 metres from his home.

“I have an exercise bike standing here in the background, as you can see. It is pretty much the only exercise I can do. I have a small farm, which I can be out in and make a bit of different gymnastics and such, but otherwise I can’t do anything. It is prohibited to run on the streets down here. There is an injunction that man shall be a maximum of 200 metres from his home.”

Serie A was suspended the 9. march. It is not yet known, when neither the Series A or other european leagues will be resumed, and how the tournaments need to be run.