In the Northern Medvedkovo this week the long-awaited event — the opening of a sports complex with a football field. Now pupils of sports schools of Moscow and area residents will be able to play football and do athletics all year round. Importantly, the new complex is a full football field size of 105 by 68 meters with high-quality artificial turf and heated.

to Join sports able and people with physical disabilities: all facilities are completely equipped for comfortable access. Soon training at the stadium will begin to take place about 200 athletes. And in his spare time the complex will be able to visit everyone.

in addition to sports, residents of the North Medvedkovo can enjoy walks in the green parks. Through the district flows the river of Yauza — its main attraction. And in the valley of the Yauza river located the longest Park of the capital, stretching from the Moscow ring road to the Botanical gardens. About that, what else interesting area Northern Medvedkovo in the material

Despite the fact that the emblem of the area shows a white bear, the old name of the village has nothing to do with the bears, which, according to some versions, lived in the nearby woods or mole crickets. According to one version, the name comes from the nickname of the first owner, Prince Vasily Fedorovich Pozharsky — Bear. However, information about this person, who lived in the first half of the XVI century, almost did not survive.

the First mention of the village of Medvedkovo, which gave the name to two Metropolitan areas, Dating back to the seventeenth century. According to legend, it was here in 1612 did the last stop of Prince Dmitry Pozharsky in front of the entrance with the militia in Moscow. Later the land belonged to the Golitsyns, Naryshkins and childbirth.

In the late NINETEENTH century, after the construction of the Yaroslavl railway, Medvedkovo become a favorite vacation spot of the Moscow summer residents. Lived here and celebrities such as the artist Konstantin Korovin, which often came to visit the other great painters such as Isaac Levitan, Mikhail Vrubel. Here was the childhood of the founder of Russian symbolism of Valery Bryusov, who much later would write about Medvedkova that “this life among the semi-wild forests and thatched huts, in constant communication with the boys “from the village”, gave me more experience than any of Marienbad…”.

IN the NINETEENTH century among these “semi-wild forests” are beginning to appear the first production. In 1871, in the place of flour mill grows up weaving, wool-spinning and dyeing factory of a Moscow merchant Alexey Mednikova. And today, despite the status of the sleeping area, Northern Medvedkovo can be called industrialized — working bakery Peko, TPK Integral, fur and skinhaberdashery factory.

For residents of the area’s main artery is not the Moskva river and Yauza. And the coastal beauty of the river valley, encouraging citizens not less than artists and poets.

Immediately outside the Moscow ring road begins where the venue of the district and citywide festivals. The Park has one of the 46 pavilions “Healthy Moscow”, where everyone can pass a medical examination. Will find engaging and athletes: there are playgrounds for volleyball, tennis, skateboarding, workout, works fitness center “Yauza”.

In the heart of Moscow is a small. The area of this forest a little more than 20 hectares. Birch and aspen, which became the basis of the forest, grew in the early twentieth century on former arable lands and pastures. Bears here, of course, not evident, but a lot of small animals such as weasels, hedgehogs, squirrels, field mice. There are endangered creatures, for example, European mole and common shrew, and birds — spotted woodpecker, wood Warbler, common bullfinch.

Local residents like to walk in a small Park, there is arranged children’s playgrounds, create a space for dogs, and also created a zone for barbecue.

a Year ago the program “My neighborhood” were comprehensively redeveloped between Shokal’skogo passage and the street Tikhomirova. Previously, there stood a model of the building, and the grounds were unkempt. Now, on the site of the demolished buildings were basketball courts, a workout area, a complex for training parkour, playgrounds for every age and taste. For fans just relax have established benches, paved a comfortable walking paths.

the Main attraction of the square was a two-meter white bear — a symbol of the district North Medvedkovo district. White sharks made of art in a concrete fashion polygon technique — the sculpture resembles origami or a precious stone. To see a bear and take a picture with her near the Playground.

Between the projected lanes number 6204 and 6205 square is located. Here two years ago to equip two playgrounds, a sports ground with horizontal bars and body-building equipment is needed for parkour, as well as placed a new rest area with benches, planted trees and shrubs.

in Addition to the parks in 2018-2019 in the Northern Medvedkovo in the program “My area” landscaped courtyards 29: installed a new children’s facilities including slides, swings, sockets, playhouses, benches and rocking, as well as balance weights in the form of machines.

In the area of developing social infrastructure. In the coming years it is planned to repair the children’s clinic at the following address: polar street, house 24.

In the Northern Medvedkovo since 2013 (1st MO��), which brought together several educational institutions of different levels. In 2014, the unit was completed in the primary school 1st Moka with 12 classrooms, designed for 350 students.

the district North Medvedkovo with 20 preschool institutions.

In 2021 after the reconstruction will open.

the Football stadium in the depths of the passage the construction of sports facilities in the area is not restricted. At Severodvinskaya street plan construction of sports complex.

available To people in almost all forms of public transport. The metro station “Medvedkovo”, opened in 1978, was dedicated to the development of the North. In the district, there are 18 bus routes, including route C15, launched in 2018, and linking Northern Medvedkovo and Yaroslavl district, Shuttle buses and taxis.

in the Northern Medvedkovo in March 2017, for the first time in Moscow came to a route No. 17. From the station “Medvedkovo” on them takes you to the station of the Moscow Central ring Rostokino and platform of the railway, Park, “Aqueduct”, ENEA and Ostankino pond.

In July this year, the buses went on two routes in area Northern Medvedkovo. Route 31 connects the Ostashkovskaya street and the metro station “Bibirevo”, and the route No. 393 allows residents to get to the stop “Kombinat Lira — Pension Fund” in the Babushkinsky district.

In the future. Already agreed the construction of two directional to allow left-turn exit ramps from the highway and outer ring road, side roads along the ring road. In addition, there will construct deceleration and acceleration lanes and a new pedestrian overpass.

At the intersection of MKAD, Ostashkovskoe highway and build isolation