the staff of the libraries of the capital on the weekends tell readers about books that are worth reading and discussing with your children. This week head of children’s library No. 244 Svitlana Lebid recommends the works of Eugene Rogachevskogo, Gudrun Pausewang and Peter brown.

“Superebony day” of Beatrice Alemagna

the Book “Superebony day” French writer and Illustrator of Beatrice Alemagna — great gift for kids who love to examine the details of illustrations and draw. There is very little text, perfect for the little ones.

the hero of the book — the boy who arrives with his mother in a rustic cabin in the woods. There he gets in a computer game where you have to fight with aliens. Mama don’t like it very much and it takes away from the gadget. And then the boy accidentally drowns the toy in the pond… What to do? What was his surprise when he saw the world around him!

Modern kids are so fascinated by computer games that the owner of Alemanii need to sign a mandatory reading program. Urban children literally ceased to be children: they don’t talk with birds, do not jump on the puddles, watching the insects. But if you read with your kids this book, the wish to live those beautiful moments they will definitely appear.

“Robot with a red button” Alan Windram

an Unusual tale about a little boy benny, who was mocked by classmates, created by the tandem of Alan Windram and Illustrator Clore Holwill-hunter, won me over with his sincerity. Benny and his classmates are no ordinary children, they are robots. Each of them has many buttons that perform the most amazing functions. But benny only has one button — red. And click on it it is possible only in case of danger.

This good book teaches that everyone can become a hero, so you should not tease someone who seems to you strange.

“Wild robot” Peter brown

the History of mechanical machines named Rose and she adopted the gander, written by the famous American writer and Illustrator Peter brown, surprising and unusual. Especially touching little Krasnoludek, lost family, but to get the most thoughtful mom in the world. I think this piece about how it is important sometimes to pause the crazy rhythm of life and to look around.

This book is now very popular with children, a real hit in our library. Perhaps that is because it is written very good, but at the same time, it all as close to real life. I recommend parents read it with children because it’s fun and relaxation for everyone.

“the end of the world” Natalia Evdokimova

one of n��with has ever dreamed about moving in space with the teleport to save some time? Didn’t want to let go of unpleasant emotions or to order a special sleep mode? This topic has fantasized Natalia Evdokimova is an author and screenwriter of the film magazine “jumble.”

In her book moms use mode “Cleaning”, and all items in the house are on one level, it was easier to wipe the dust. Children can use a special mode of the protective screen from the recognition of thoughts when you don’t want to give their secrets to their parents. But the most unique in this magical world that every three years the end of the world and appear very different reality, in which everything is arranged differently. But once the main character uses the mode to “Share the pain” to help your friend. Read and find out what happened next. The book is very interesting and wise.

“Hello, brother my BSO!” Eugene Rogachevskogo

For this book Yevgeny Rudashevsky in 2013, won the main prize of the literary contest “Kniguru”. The history of the Abkhazian friendship of a boy and a Dolphin will not leave indifferent neither adult nor child.

BSO is the name of the sea friend of the protagonist. The Dolphin boy was named in honor of one of the characters of the Abkhazian epic. The habits of the Dolphin species the bottlenose Dolphin is described very accurately — the author worked for several years with these sea creatures, and therefore knows a lot about them.

to be honest, I cried over this book — she is so kind and touching. From Eugene Rogachevskogo there are two more works that I would like to recommend the compulsory reading is “the Raven” and “Where it goes kumutkan”. They are incredibly interesting and deep. Books are remarkable and educational: they are used by a large number of special terms, which are explained at the end.

“Cloud” Gudrun Pausewang

the actions of the “Cloud” takes place in Germany. One of the areas of the country was shocked with terrible ecological disaster. The life of an ordinary girl Anna-Bertha in seconds is changing and she has to grow up very quickly. The lessons, of course, canceled, and students were ordered to evacuate.

This book is a must read for every teenager to see the world through the eyes Anna-Bertha. This work is about the responsibility before people and the planet, of courage and cowardice, the indifference and detachment.

Gudrun Pausewang — a very famous German writer, her works are included in the school curriculum. In addition, she has received many prestigious international awards.

More great books, proven by the readers of children’s libraries and their staff, — in category .