The singer Boris Moiseev could suffer a stroke due to the fact that too toured extensively. The music critic Sergei Neighbors said “Interlocutor”.

Moiseev, according to “Rambler”, suffered a stroke in 2010. He was put in a coma, connected to artificial lung ventilation (ALV), a week was discharged from the hospital, but never recovered completely. The last time the singer appeared in public about a year ago, and its Director Sergei Peas does not allow reporters to talk with Moses.

“In secular circles louder whispering about the possible death of Moses. According to another version, he was placed in a luxury nursing home, whether in the private VIP-health” — said “Interlocutor”.

Neighbors told the newspaper that the last time you saw a singer at a concert in the Kremlin in March 2019. Moses looked like a man having a stroke — not really bad, but weak. He walked with difficulty. Critic suggested that the singer could have suffered a stroke, because I always wanted to be in the limelight too and toured extensively.

“the Disease can break anyone in any state and at any time. No one thought that the disease is so dump Boria”, he added.