In the “Secular chronicle” stars of the Russian show business has told how trying to earn some money in a crisis, when banned all public events.

Some people are lucky – they are invited to “appartment” – online and in person. But this now is not a lot.

Many are trying to make money on the video-congratulations – but is it worth the 3-6 thousand, so on a serious income out of the question.

In the same amount will cost “holiday book” from Lena, Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova, Rodion Gazmanov and other artists.

Impressive price tag of 200 thousand – only holds Mikhail Shufutinsky.

Alexander Serov became famous for the love for expensive cars. On

However, he is seriously considering the implementation of a couple of luxury cars, because:

“of Course, there is no money, because there is no work”.

Nikas Safronov at the time acquired a lot of housing in Turkey. Part of the artist has already implemented previously, and now sells the rest at a large discount.

Anastasia Stotskaya sells his car for half a million and gold watch slightly more than one million rubles.

Victor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova trying to sell an unfinished sports complex in the suburbs over 129 million rubles.

Elena Sparrow put up for sale your house in Montenegro.

But Philip decided to sort your wardrobe.

Created a special online boutique where any person of suitable size for a very reasonable price to buy a suited a maximum of once, as says the singer, branded item.

So, the shirts sold for 3 thousand rubles, shirts seven. A lot of shoes.

“More than once I couldn’t. For me, as follow. Put on a second time — say, have nothing to wear” — quoted review of king of Russian pop Channel 5.

Say, perhaps, the only indicated that plans part of the proceeds spent on charity.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, producer Joseph Prigogine Savile artists of coronavirus has appeared in “monstrous” situation.

According to him, the crisis has affected even the most popular artists, they are now “almost a disaster and are eating what was possible in his time to save”.