the Famous artist Nikas Safronov arrived today at his home in the town of Ulyanovsk, where he presented a gift of the Regional children’s infectious diseases hospital, the newest ventilator. Recall that a few weeks ago Nikas made an appeal to the Russian oligarchs with a request to sell him a ventilator. As stated by the painter, he wants to buy it as a gift to children’s hospital, but never could get the ventilator are simply not as many wealthy people bought them for personal purposes.

– can someone from oligarchs went to the same towards you and gave your ventilator?

– No, not gone. Although in response to my appeal, I was approached by a large number of people, – tells Nikas. – Someone suggested a complex scheme of delivery from China. Someone – a former product. Was a new, but simple options. However, I would like to buy high-quality modern camera with lots of features.

How much?

– about 2 200 000. But it is not important. The important thing is that I was able to get it now. Because the nearest pre-order 100% advance payment is possible only in September.

Why did you decide to give this device exactly the children’s hospital in Ulyanovsk?

– I have received many letters from residents of my hometown, including doctors, asking for help. Now all forces are thrown on the maximum hospital facilities for adults, since older people carry heavier COVID-19. However, children’s medical facilities are also in need of the ventilator.

– But you can just give money for protection or material assistance to the needy, not to buy a ventilator.

– I and the entire world saw a terrible Italian and Spanish scenario of a pandemic, when doctors had to do, probably primary in their lives the ethical choice: who to save a young or an elderly person? Because everyone who needs a ventilator is not enough. I really don’t want and our doctors were standing in front of such a choice. Of course, in Russia with the equipment of intensive care units, things are much better, we had the opportunity to prepare. But if the dynamics of incidence of coronavirus will go up dramatically, we could face shortages of vital equipment.

– Why at a time when most people are afraid to get infected, you dare to personally come to Ulyanovsk?

– I want my own example to show their countrymen what we need to do similar good deeds. Of course, you can sit at home and complain about the government – they say that it can not cope. But now we are in such a situation when we don’t the authorities all over the world. For example, in Japan more than 2/3 of doctors complain of underpayment for the treatment of coronavirus patients. Euro��and is experiencing an acute shortage of medical ventilators. In the US Elon Musk at the request of President Donald trump purchased with their own money 1000 of the ventilator in China. It is a time when we must work together to fight the enemy called COVID-19. Every person needs to understand that not only from government depends on how quickly we will emerge from the pandemic, and how we will come out of it. I do not call all without exception to buy expensive medical equipment. But we can each help his neighbor. For example, to enumerate even a small amount to charity, buy a pack of masks or gloves and send to a nearby hospital, become a volunteer, just to help elderly neighbors, bringing them food from the store.

this is your assistance to Ulyanovsk will end?

– No, of course. I also brought and donated to the St. Anna Church that I helped build with their own money, the icon of St. Nicholas, written in the early nineteenth century. And the Church of St John the Baptist transferred 150 thousand rubles for repairs. Temples also very difficult – after all, they live only from the donations of parishioners, which is now the pandemic are in the mode of isolation and almost do not attend Church. Now things are hard for everyone – I also have almost no orders and exhibitions. But still part of the money that I earn, I’ll be sure to pass on to charities.