Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman broke her leg while Jogging. This was told by her husband, country musician Keith urban, reports USA Today.

The incident occurred about five weeks ago. 52-year-old actress went for a jog near your home. She did not see a pothole in the road, sprained his ankle and got a small fracture. Urban said that Kidman cope with the trauma much better than it would have done it myself.

It is noted that the pair remains in isolation at their home in Nashville, Tennessee. They are waiting for the end of the quarantine to go to Australia to see my family.

In July 2019, it was reported that urban released the song Gemini, in which he called his wife a “maniac in bed.” Commenting on the song, Kidman admitted that she is embarrassed to discuss such things, but it’s better than hear in the song: “God, how boring. Try Nicole!”