Coronavirus infection was transmitted from bats to people in 2012. In this process were involved from the miners from Yunnan. This is evidenced by studies of American scientists Jonathan Latham and Allison Wilson.

Experts have studied Chinese thesis “Analysis of six patients with severe pneumonia caused by unknown viruses.” It describes a story that happened in 2012. Then the workers remove the excrement of bats from an abandoned mine in Yunnan. Later they had been diagnosed with pneumonia of unknown origin.

Scientists say that the symptoms of the disease of miners coincided with COVID-19: dry cough, respiratory failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome, increased blood clots. In consequence, three workers died, some of them doctors why-that removed the thymus gland — the thymus. Usually the surgery is carried out only in cancer.

The authors investigate the Latham and Allison suggest that the thymus is needed in order to “pull” from the patients a greater amount of virus. Knowing this, scientists Latham and Allison made a few conclusions.

“first, we assume that the body of miners RaTG13 [the genetic close to a new coronavirus in the sample] or a very similar virus turned into SARS-CoV-2 — unusual pathogenic coronavirus, highly adapted to humans. Second, the Shi laboratory used medical samples taken from miners. It is this adapted to the person, the virus now known as SARS-CoV-2, has escaped from the Wuhan laboratory in 2019”, — reports the research results “news”.

In the may edition of the Associated Press, citing data from the American intelligence wrote that the Chinese authorities could deliberately hide the danger of coronavirus. Of concealing information, China has accused the intelligence and the Union of the “Five eyes”. Also about the leak virus said fled from the Wuhan laboratory staff, which were first identified COVID. Now, they actively cooperate with Western intelligence agencies.