the Museum VDNKH, which opened on the 80th anniversary exhibition, August 1 celebrated its first birthday. For the year, it was visited by

the birthday of the Museum collection appeared. In addition, was added to the exhibition of rare objects with symbols VSHV — they were provided by private collectors.

the Museum can be seen a plaster sketches of the exterior sculptural decoration of the historic pavilion of Estonian SSR (No. 4, “Biology”), which was discovered during restoration work inside the building. Yourself the bas-reliefs, created based on sketches, adorn the North facade of the pavilion.

the Museum has brought the Russian national pavilion at the largest and most prestigious international exhibitions. In 2016, the Russian pavilion was dedicated to ENEA. They showed copies of several iconic samples of sculptural and decorative design — small architectural forms, statues, and sculptural details. Now, they are exhibited in showcases and on the catwalks in the main exhibition area of the Museum.

On the official website of ENEA in Instagram contest has started “Exhibit in the frame”. To participate, it is necessary to visit the Museum from 4 August to 1 September, to photograph one of the new exhibits, or to record a short video with him. Then you need to post feedback on his page in Instagram with hastega #expontaneous.

the Museum Staff amberathome. The winner will be awarded a new guide to ENEA, the owner of the second place — a short version of the guide, and the third catalogue of an exhibition of the Soviet era. The results will be published on 5 September.

During the year the Museum conducted several educational meetings. On 21 November, for example, is noted world television day setting in one of the halls of mobile television Studio. 19 Dec went public-talk “Images of the epoch” timed to the appearance of the costume exhibition during the first years of operation of the main exhibition of the country. And on July 30 the presentation of the first

while the restrictions of the Museum was V. On the official page in a social network “Schoolmates” live gave a video tour of the exhibition. She scored more than 148 million hits.

the 75th anniversary of the Victory launched an online project “History of one division: the unknown heroes of the exhibition of economic achievements”, devoted to memory of employees of the exhibition. In early July 1941, they went to the front and became soldiers of the 13th Rostokino division of the national militia of the city of Moscow. And to the International Museum day on the official pages ENEA in social networks came themed quiz on the history of the exhibition.

in Addition, the Museum has become a center of research activities: for the Day of the medical worker, the Day of the photographer and 40-year anniversary of the closing of the Olympics.

the Museum is open every day from 11:00 to 22:00 (except fornedelnik), ticketing is possible only online. All guests must be wearing masks and gloves and to observe the social distance.

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ENEA is a unique public space with 80 years of history. The exhibition brings together 49 of the cultural heritage, including historical pavilions and fountains. Total it has an area of over 325 hectares. In 2019, the exhibition was visited by