Not all of the officials know how to wear them.

the United States is currently the leader in the number infected with the coronavirus and the number of victims. Despite this, many politicians have until recently spoken out against the introduction of quarantine measures and publicly ignored instructions who wear medical masks in public places, and observance of a safe distance.

now, However, members of the U.S. Congress still began to come to the meetings in a medical mask. But, apparently, not all of them understand how to look like masks and what they need to wear.

Renowned columnist Alex Thomas threw in his Twitter photos of U.S. politicians wearing masks, which has already spawned a lot of jokes in social networks. For example, Republican don Beyer in late April, come to the meeting in a makeshift mask, which is very reminiscent of pantyhose and closed only his nose and his colleague Angie green, by contrast, covered only the mouth.

congress is gonna have to pass a resolution explaining how to wear a mask

one mask was not enough for Jimmy Gomez.

Angie Craig with the half-mask.

Rep. Al Green donned the red, white and blue.

Wall Hoyer didn’t even try to talk through his mask

but, the best mask, goes to House Chaplain Pat Conroy

Pence does not wear a mask during Tuesday’s visit to the Mayo Clinic, which is requiring all patients and visitors to wear a face covering or mask in effort to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The head of The Coronavirus Task Force is a science

But the American politicians are still far from the President of South Africa Cyril of Ramaphosa, which is not able to correctly put on a mask in front of the cameras, and thereby created a new type of flash mob in social networks.

Catherine Gura

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