Yaroslavl and Moscow balloonists arranged in Pereslavl-Zalessky air Parade of the Victory.

Seven balloons flew over the Pereslavl in the evening of 9 may. One of them was attached the Flag of Victory with a size of 10 to 20 meters provided by the local branch of all-Russian public organization “Combat brotherhood”.

Started in the fields near Pereslavl. Basically do not advertise the start because there were a lot of calls. People wanted to come and see. But we all suggested to look at us when we fly over the city, – says the President of Federation of Aeronautics of the Yaroslavl region Dmitry Koryakin.

According to the aeronaut, the participants of the parade for the first time raised the flag on a globe this size, but the experience can be considered successful, although not without a little lining not done.

– we Have a takeoff broke the upper farm, to which was attached the Flag of Victory. Had to clip it on the cart. And overall, as we said then, it looked all great, from the ground has gaps and has not seen the banner was clearly visible from a distance – continues to Dmitry Koryakin.

the Balloonists say that the people on the ground waving flying balls with his hands, shouted “hurrah!” happy, even launched fireworks.

We are happy! We celebrated the Victory Day! – concludes the President of the Yaroslavl Federation of Aeronautics. Not online, not what text messages, not sending pictures to each other, and so, in its own way. And, I think optimistic people we have added.