The singer appeared in a new image.

Singer Nargiz Zakirova has published a series of photos where she is depicted with long hair.


A Russian spectator Nargis’t remember. A “lit up” she’s on the TV screens of Russia in 2013, taking part in the TV show “the Voice.” And even then, “trick” Nargis was almost completely bald head. From the hair she only had a pigtail on top, which also later disappeared.

The other day the artist decided to shock fans of their images with new hairstyles. Famous photographer Ronald Makedonci tried on star new images. The footage that Nargis have published in Instagram, she is depicted with a luxurious red hair in the bride dresses. And that’s not all.


The other pictures the star “posing” in the style of lady from the 50’s of the 20th century superheroine “Wonder woman” and even fashionable blonde.

Makedonci became famous due to the fact that photoshop pictures of celebrities, presenting them in unusual images. This time he walked and Nargis. She really liked the pictures. And she didn’t fail to note.

“Thank you, Ronald Makedonci for these fragments. Love your creations, and these are amazing! I the eyes of the artist-photographer” — signed Zakirova pictures.

Subscribers appreciated the creations of the artist. And some images in the photo even liked it more than the current style of Nargis.

“Listen, You so cool with long hair”, “Hair — ornament of women” — wrote in his comments, followers.

In turn, Zakirova did not respond to follower comments. Nargis said that she really like the images created by the photographer. And that’s the only reason for posting photos in the microblog.