Russia took the 14th place in the list of countries with fastest growing home prices moved during the year by five positions. The ranking was Turkey, where housing in the second quarter of 2020 rose by more than a quarter. Materials relevant research, prepared by company Knight Frank, is in the possession “of the”.

the Second place was taken by Luxembourg with growth of 14 percent, the third — Lithuania (plus 12.4 percent). The top 10 countries with the jet rising in price of housing also fell (in descending order of ranking): Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Latvia and Croatia. Among the countries where the results of the second quarter registered a decline in prices, analysts say, Hong Kong, Malta, India, Finland, and Morocco.

“Despite the events of 2020, including the economic consequences of the pandemic, we see the growth of home prices in most major cities of Russia, — experts say. Among the reasons for this development can be noted the increased demand associated with implementation of the program of preferential mortgage and also an increase in the number of private investors — physical persons, who decided to use the funds placed on Deposit, to invest in the purchase of residential property”.

Earlier in October, Russia’s predicted boom in demand for housing due to the fall of the ruble. According to experts, the dependence of the domestic real estate market from currency exchange rates is maintained.