The cause of death of the Russian actor Vasily of Stonozhenko became a serious head injury.

It is reported KP.RU citing a source.

On the death of 61-year-old actor it became known on 18 June, thus the reason it was not mentioned.

According to the publication, Stonozhenko died in a Moscow hospital where he was taken by ambulance from the apartment of the actor on the street Academician Korolev.

It turned out that on 16 June the actor fell down the stairs and received injuries on his head, and turned to "ambulance".

Stonozhenko was hospitalized with a diagnosis of "closed cherepno-a brain trauma". The doctors made every effort, but at 6 in the morning of 18 June he died.

Basil Storozhenko was born in 1959. He graduated from the Theatre school named after Schepkin. With the 84th served in the theater of "Sphere".

On the screens since 1991 "the venom of the Scorpion", "Thief", "the Return of Mukhtar," Next "Detectives", "Web", "Lawyer". Voiced the characters of the TV show "Doll" and "Cartoon personality".