Vaccination may be necessary even for those who had coronavirus infection. This view was expressed by the expert on chemical and biological defense, assistant Professor in the Department of physical chemistry of the National research technological University “MISIS” George Frolov.

the Scientist said the Agency urban news “Moscow”, that part of the population, including survivors COVID-19 in the asymptomatic, to develop natural immunity.

“However, it is insufficient, because the antibodies produced as much as is required for neutralization of infectious agents,” explained the Agency interlocutor.

Frolov sure to defeat the pandemic would require a vaccine, as it will be a regular new outbreaks of the disease. He said that mass vaccination is not required, each will solve the issue on their own.

he suggested that in the future vaccination COVID-19 will do in childhood. But for the elderly, people whose immune system is weakened because of age, it is necessary to develop adapted vaccines, said Frolov.

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