a Recent study by American doctors proved once again that skin problems can prevent serious malfunctions of the body.

So, work involving patients with diabetes indicate that the so-called xerosis is one of the characteristic signs of the disease.

Xerosis is manifested by excessive dryness of the skin, from which the latter becomes rough, prone to itching and flaking. In the running as elbows, feet and other parts of the body may get cracked.

This is because elevated glucose level in the blood affects the fluid loss in the body.

– a skin Disease that many patients with diabetes do not pay attention, are common complications of diabetes first and second type, said the doctors, adding that excessive dryness of the skin and ignoring this symptom can bring to the appearance of diabetic foot syndrome – severe complications of diabetes.

Earlier, the Russian doctors warned me that after 40 years it is necessary to control the level of sugar in blood even if there are no specific symptoms. It is important to understand that diabetes, which slowly damages blood vessels and causes heart disease, is preceded by prediabetes – the “boundary” condition, not a disease, but not health. It is extremely important to identify at the time.