Soviet and Russian folk and pop singer Nadezhda Babkina, who was a month between life and death for coronavirus infection, after discharge required further assistance, writes Starhit.

According to the publication, last month, proved too emotional for the actress, she had experienced serious stress.

“At discharge, the doctor prescribed Babkina a cocktail of drugs. There including antidepressants, and sedatives,” he shared details of the representative of the hospital.

In an interview he said that the people’s artist of the RSFSR insisted to leave. Doctors did not prevent discharge of the patient, as the tests were good.

it is Reported that Nadezhda Georgievna was not treated under the policy CHI, and as an individual. It is noted that on drugs, she spent about 350 thousand rubles, and one day in the intensive care unit on artificial lung ventilation (ALV) in the clinic is worth 150 thousand rubles. A total of Babkina was in intensive care for more than seven days is slightly more than 1 million rubles. Daily cost of stay in an ordinary ward at a cost of a celebrity in 50 thousand roubles. The total amount for all the time spent in a medical institution amounted to about 2 million rubles.

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