The TV channel “Russia” has told about the life of a controversial chiyoumen Sergei (Nicholas Romanov), who was imprisoned for murder before he disrobed and hiding it from the Church.

According to those familiar with the situation, Novels in his youth worked as an inspector of criminal investigation Department of the police. However, even then, spoke of him negatively.

“To the performance of their duties carelessly treated. Initiative in their work showed. There were cases of abuse of official position. Repeatedly appeared in the workplace in a drunken state. Showed elements of impropriety. Chatty. Among the personnel of the authority not used”, – said in the story “vestige”.

Dismissed Sergi was for neglect of work and discrediting the police fired him. He later got a job working in the supply division of the depot, where they continued to drink and skip work.

Murder Novels made in 1985. Then in the river was found the body of a man beaten with a tire iron.

Neighbors Romanov in the Moscow suburb of Pushkino still remember him.

“some company have been contacted and have someone watch that it removed. And found under the bridge of the man!” – said a neighbor.

It was the killed geography teacher of the local school Rashid Hafiz. Novels along with accomplices alternately struck the victim more than 10 times with a crowbar on the head.

The case failed to disclose 15 months. Later Novels were detained for fatal accidents and major theft of state property. In jail, the future monk had confessed to the murder.

In the colony Serge has spent 13 years, where he worked as an electrician. It is noted that during the punishment Novels became interested in religion, helping to build a monastery. After his release, he asked the Church in Alapaevsk, however, did not agree with the local stage.

According to media reports, Novels intended to be the chief in the temple, but sent him away. After he was replaced a few mansions.

While Novels don’t even have a spiritual education. He was expelled from the Moscow theological Academy on 29 December 2005. “The monk Sergius by the order № 329 dropouts of students from the Moscow Theological Seminary of the Sector of distance learning for the systematic omissions of scoring sessions and inactivity in study”, – stated in the document.”

Deciding to become a monk Novels on the so-called interrogation protege pointed out that “the interior court and the investigation has” three official wives also silent.

Methods of education in Sredneuralskaya convent told the former novices. According to them, in the monastery they were beaten for the slightest fault belt or wire.

“I didn’t even notice how the line has been crossed, so to speak, and in the future have already begun to get men to hit children. That is such a broad-shouldered man Serge Romanov was absolutely all of the incident to go and beat”, – told ex-nun Christine Samoshkina.

Witnesses said that Novels have forced people to abandon the INN, as in those figures the number of the beast – 666. He was also forced to abandon passports, although most were already two passports, which in recent years he made dozens of trips to other countries.

On 6 August it became known that in Sredneuralskaya convent died 15-the summer girl. The schema-monk Sergius (Nicholas Romanov) said that the deceased was brain cancer.

The head of the UK Russia Alexander Bastrykin has instructed to report on the circumstances of the incident. Examination revealed the body of a girl “damages which would speak about the criminal nature of death”. However, the media reported that the body of the dead girl found injuries.

We will remind, the priest Sredneuralskaya convent of chiyoumen Sergius, who cursed those who close the churches during the early stages, denied the right to preach and speak publicly. Later he was expelled. This decision was approved by Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.

Ksenia Sobchak released a film-investigation about beating of children in Sredneuralskaya convent, and chiyoumen Sergius banned from serving after saying about the “pseudopodia” coronavirus. Prior to this, Sobchak said that he came to the monastery to gather material for investigation, and the film crew was attacked, and then was sent to treatment in the receiving Central office of the Investigative Committee of Russia.