Elena Zelenskaya, the wife of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, discovered coronavirus. This Ukrainian first lady announced on his page in Facebook on June 12.

Zelensky assured that feels good in the moment, is on outpatient treatment and isolated from the rest of the family. While the Zelensky and their two children COVID-19 was not confirmed.

the Wife of the Ukrainian leader urged not to relax and not to think that the “danger had passed”. She recalled the importance of wearing a medical mask, because COVID-19 may appear asymptomatic, and therefore, there is a possibility of infecting others.

“Returning to an active social life, remember that each of us depends on not only personal health but also the health of others: family, friends, colleagues and even strangers, who, along with us, rides in the Elevator or standing in line at the checkout in the supermarket. Mask in a public place is not only a rule, but also a sign of respect to other people!”, concluded Zelensky.

In early June, Vladimir Zelensky violated the regime of self-isolation and visited the café in Khmelnitsky city, although restaurants in Ukraine is allowed to serve customers only on the summer terrace. Against him, and the people who accompanied him were administrative reports for violation of the quarantine restrictions, the hearing will be held on June 19.

Later, the Ukrainian leader said that the “moment of depression” in the country wanted to intentionally infected with coronavirus infection in order for example to show fellow citizens, “it is not plague.”

According to Worldometer on 12 June, in Ukraine there are more than 29.7 thousand cases COVID-19, died of 870 people.