Otolaryngologist Olga Lasko and nephrologist Yevgeny Gavrilenko, treating patients with COVID-19, recognised that before them never had to work in such conditions.

– Before we are not faced with this disease, – says Olga. – No well-established schemes: the slightest change in the tactics of treatment it is necessary to harmonize, to adjust with our fellow pulmonologists, therapists.

– the Most difficult perhaps, now that summer is coming, many hours to go to brand “nepronicaemoj” overalls – says Eugene. – I like a doctor examining patients, less energy costs than younger and average medical staff that performs the assignment and washes the floors. To wield a MOP in a dress – huge exercise.

At the time of Watchkeeping doctors, leaving their families live in one big commune at the hotel. According to Olga Lasko, staff working with patients with COVID-19 doctors in the hospital increased as patient flow.

– And more of them, – says the doctor. – I, for example, 20 patients. Usually a shift lasts 12 hours. Transfer from the hotel to the hospital and back twice a day. One duty shift arrives, another leaves. The schedule is tough enough, especially for those who fall one night shift – working only at night is extremely difficult.

a Little bit brightens up these nitty-gritty quality food.

– Food – chic, the food is tasty! – said Yevgeny Gavrilenko. – At the hospital Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel as well. I want to say a huge thank you.

Olga Lasko works at the hospital in April.

My watch is not over, she says. – And the watch lasts for two weeks, then we go to the observation for two weeks, to obtain two negative crops. If you receive new patients and there is a staff shortage, again nastupaet on watch. No doubt, colleagues who worked in the hospital from the first day, have the opportunity after the observation to return to a period home. But as the demand for them can once again call on the job.

13 out of 22 patients of Dr. Gavrilenko – health workers.

They are adequate to their position and even do not interfere in treatment – says Evgeny and, laughing, adds: – Because they are now patients. Among the remaining patients, especially those who have the disease in a mild form, there are those who do not fully understand the meaning of his stay in the hospital. You have to explain to them what was happening.

Olga Lasko says that some patients happen to have emotional breakdowns, to extinguish which it is necessary to physicians.

– We are in a team, communicate with colleagues, we have a lot of work, we are busy, – she explains. And patients, if they do not have concomitant severe pathology, at least two weeks are in a hospital, not being able to go outside, hence the negativity. However, some, on the contrary, surprised by the extremely friendly attitude. All depends on the person.

For the treatment of some patients, according to Olga, sometimes you have to attract related professionals. For the last interaction with the patient turns into a two-week observation (until two negative crops, the second of which is done on the tenth day of stay in isolation).

– Caused, for example, one patient of the dentist, he removed a tooth, then two weeks saw a family, says Lasko. – In ordinary life we ascribe to the patient in the clinic, where our colleagues remove the tooth. But in the current environment can’t take any in the trauma hospital, no dental. Was in the hospital a pregnant woman with COVID-19, she watched the obstetrician-gynecologist.

Speaking about the importance of observing precautions to not get infected or infect relatives, the doctor asks to remember that the most monstrous consequences insidious disease causes in the elderly.

– If we want to preserve our elders need to gently treat visits to them, and movements, despite the fact that the regime of isolation weakened – calls Olga. – It is necessary very carefully to consider all their contacts. As sick old people, hurts no one, and to save their life, probably, it is necessary to sacrifice their interests and desires. .

For the treatment of some patients, sometimes it is necessary to attract related professionals.