The presenter asks to dismiss the employee of the press service of the White House, published in social networks a message about the US victory over Nazism in unreliable form.

“Dear Donald, my name is Ksenia. I live in Moscow. Moscow — capital of Russia. In the past my country was called the Soviet Union”, — said Sobchak for President of the United States in the English language.

Further, she recalled the number of deaths of Soviet citizens during the great Patriotic War. According to various sources, died from 28 to more than 40 million people.

Xenia touched by the fact that the official White House pages on social networks called the only two States to liberate the world from fascism – the US and the UK. And not a word about the Soviet Union, whose soldiers put the flag on the Reichstag roof and freed from the occupation of many European countries.

“Maybe the freedom they brought, not all, but many at least have saved the lives and people released from Auschwitz,” — said Sobchak.

A video in which she urges to dismiss the author posted on YouTube.

Earlier indignation at the situation was expressed by many Russian stars. Timothy, Garik Kharlamov, Maria Kozhevnikova and other artists was dissatisfied with this attitude to history. Artists called Russian-speaking social network users post comments to Donald trump. Many of them felt that it is another attempt of the Americans to rewrite history.