Moscow residents will be able to go to the country on may day, if you will issue a digital badge.

In order to issue a pass, you must contact us by phone uniform help service of Moscow +7 (495) 777-77-77 or create it with the help of SMS-messages sent to the number 7377, also a pass you can register on the website of the Moscow mayor, according to NSN.

Created pass will be valid for one day. To travel for a few days will need to make two passes: one to travel to the country and the second for the return. But no more than two absences a week.

Earlier wrote that in Moscow during the may holidays will be strengthened control over observance of the regime of self-isolation. Police and Asgardia will be more careful to check the digital pass of Muscovites and residents of suburbs, as well as to pay special attention to places where they could get the citizens of the rest.