Muscovites appreciated the renewed monument to the Soviet poet and actor Vladimir Vysotsky, was placed on his grave at the cemetery Vagankovsky. Video published on Friday, July 24, in a Telegram-channel “What’s in Moscow?”.

On the record shows how citizens consider the sculpture, expressing negative comments due to the changed features of the actor. “We don’t like the old one was better. He [the actor] here does not look like themselves,” said Moscow. — Do Zheglov. The monument to the policeman in a straitjacket”.

Initially, the sculpture of the poet in 1985, was designed by architect Alexander Rukavishnikov. According to him, with all changes I agree relatives Vysotsky. Also, now the initial idea of the architect come true.

States that before the monument to Vysotsky was closed lips and spatial view, and now — open mouth, and a facial expression reminiscent of a police Gleb zheglova from the film “meeting Place cannot be changed”, said “Moscow 24”.

Vladimir Vysotsky, a famous Soviet poet, author, performer and actor. He was born in 1938 in Moscow. The Russians, he is remembered for his roles in the films “Bad good man” and “the meeting Place cannot be changed”. His selected poems: “a Great coach”, “mass graves”, “fastidious Horses”, “Paradise apples” and “the Ballad of childhood”. He died on 25 Jul 1980. Cause of death was cardiovascular failure, said the doctors. He was buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky.