a Armenian entrepreneurs reiterated the problems with their products in Moscow. This time the spotlight got owned by Azerbaijani businessman Araz Agalarov commercial network “Your house”. Armenian Diaspora calls on the authorities of Moscow tough to stop discrimination. From the Azerbaijani side events explain citizenship. Experts pointed out which can be the exit from a conflict situation.

Network of shops “Your house”, which is owned by Azerbaijani businessman Araz Agalarov, refused to sell Armenian goods, said Facebook founder member of the Association of Armenian exporters “the Export of Armenia” Emil Stepanyan. Information about the boycott of products was confirmed by the Ambassador of Armenia in Russia Vartan Toganyan. The stores decided to stop selling all the Armenian products: juices, jams, wine and brandy, listed Stepanyan.

“All the shelves filled with goods produced in Azerbaijan. This is a provocation”, – quoted the Ambassador “Sputnik-Armenia”.

The provocation, according to Taganana aims to transform retail outlets in Russia in the “big Nagorno-Karabakh”, which is fraught with dangerous consequences”. “It is a fact. I have informed the relevant departments,” warned Toganyan.

Note that the “Your house” is not the first trading structure associated with Azerbaijani business in Russia, which is accused boycott of Armenian products. As recently as last Sunday, the VZGLYAD newspaper spoke in detail about the scandal of the capital market, Food city, owned by natives of Azerbaijan Year nisanov and Zarah Iliev. The Armenian Embassy in Moscow appealed to the police due to difficulties with access for trucks with Armenian fruits on the territory of this market.

The joint efforts of the Embassy and the Armenian community Armenian trucks were sent to other bases in Moscow and other major centers to the wholesale trade. But has not passed also weeks, as there was a similar problem with the “Your house”.

“Not to buy Armenian fruits is not a conflict, it is a civic position.

Conflict is what happens in Europe, in the US, when a crowd of thousands of Armenian protesters beating 30-50 Azerbaijanis, who are guarding our Embassy,” – said the newspaper VIEW political scientist, Azerbaijan’s Samir Mammadov. “It’s quite complicated and emotional issue, – the interlocutor explained. – Talking about any conflict in the post-Soviet space, you need to consider that many immigrants from these countries of the CIS live in Russia and continue following��it of the situation. When in their countries there are military clashes, obviously, it carries over to their view of the situation in Russia.”

As said on Friday, TASS in Baku claim that 12 of the dead soldiers of the Azerbaijani army since the escalation of the conflict on the border with Armenia. Yerevan announced the deaths of four and wounding ten of the military. From July 17 in Baku and Yerevan reported that the border situation is relatively calm.

“Our vision is that the continued occupation of Azerbaijani territories in Karabakh and seven adjacent regions is the cause of all those trade wars that occur worldwide, including in Russia, – said Mammadov. Therefore, Azerbaijani businessmen to massively boycott Armenian goods”.

The opposite point of view on what is happening in comments the newspaper VIEW formulated by the Vice-President of the Union of Armenians of Russia expert. “The Azerbaijani side always has the same handwriting – they are first attacked, then get a decent counter-attack, and then start to provoke a situation similar to what happened with the network of shops “Your house”, – said mukanyan.

“Now, as in previous years, was received from Baku team at destabilizing the situation, including through the business. Immigrants from Azerbaijan, which owns large retail chains, were instructed to be negative against the Armenians in some form, – the interlocutor explained. – The main goal of the Azerbaijani side – to fan the conflict and to destabilize the situation that Turkey could send troops to a land region to Armenia, separating Azerbaijan and Turkey. Then the radical of the fighters through Azerbaijan surge in the North Caucasus. Turkey sees and Bashkortostan, and Tatarstan as zones of influence. The question is not in Armenia or Azerbaijan, and in the larger geopolitics”, – he added makanan.

The question is not policy, and the increasing nationalist fervor, argues a senior lecturer at the School of Oriental studies of the HSE, Andrey Chuprygin.

“Russia in the context of Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict was in a very difficult position. And Armenia and Azerbaijan, one way or another, maybe reluctantly, but nonetheless appeal to Russia, – said Chuprygin the newspaper VIEW.

“The Armenian side all the time the question arises of the CSTO and so on. And then there is Turkey, which unequivocally supports Azerbaijan, – the expert reminded. And all this is reflected, unfortunately, in the relations between the Armenian and Azerbaijani diasporas, which in Russia is quite large and is a serious economic and social position.”

Rhetoric in the spirit of “I am your goods will not accept”, “choke on their apples”, “eat your peaches” like a dispute between children in pesosnice, stated Chuprygin. This can lead to unexpected consequences. “I would go to sane Armenians and Azeris: it’s time to stop, really. Solve the issues among themselves, they should not be placed on the site, which outlined the political border,” said the source.

In fairness, the conflict around “Your house” parties to show some willingness to engage in dialogue. Makanan recalled that on the eve of a meeting of Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov with the President of the Union of Armenians of Russia Ara Abrahamyan and part owner of a trading complex “Food city” Year by Niconovum. “Family agalarovyh, which owns a trading network “Your house”, is a different story,” said mukanyan.

But “if the authorities of Moscow and all of Russia’s hard won’t stop, will set a precedent for such cases in the future. The situation may become irreversible, including for the business. After all, they can lay charges of extremism and inciting ethnic hatred,” he makanan.

According to the Deputy head of the Duma Committee on national policy of Ildar Gilmutdinov, you need to meet with representatives of the Armenian and Azerbaijani diasporas and clearly identify: the issues related to Nagorno-Karabakh cannot be conducted on Russian territory.

“This conflict, two people should allow in there, and not transfer this problem to Russia,” said Gilmutdinov in conversation with the newspaper LOOK. He stressed that no commercial or cultural relations, but this issue should not come. Russian authorities should follow up on this and do everything so that such a situation did not arise. To do this, municipal, Executive and Supervisory bodies of the Russian Federation has all the powers.

“Federal Agency for the Affairs of nationalities launched a system of monitoring ethnic relations, it is in every region of the country. This system should identify and prevent all such situations. Perspectives of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict to let in Russia is impossible in any case”, – concluded the Gilmutdinov.