“While in Russia proceed from the fact that all restrictions on the coronavirus will be removed in February”, – quotes the Minister news Agency.

Earlier, and epidemiologists and health leaders noted that there are several factors affecting the epidemiological situation and the possible lifting of restrictions. The first is the number of survivors. Ideally, population immunity is reached when the antibodies to the infection have 60-70 percent of the population. In Russia this figure is still about 24 percent. The second point – the possibility of vaccination. The first Russian vaccine COVID-19 is now undergoing second phase of clinical trials, and the developers are preparing the documents for its registration in the Ministry of health. The procedure is scheduled for early August. Yesterday Mikhail Murashko confirmed that in August it can begin routine vaccination – it is supposed to start with doctors and other vulnerable groups. The use of the vaccine will be combined with the third and final phase of clinical trials.

“We plan that it will develop this year and in August will be offered, we now look, for some categories is, of course, primarily medical professionals and those who are faced most often with sick people, so the risk category will be offered the vaccine” – said the Minister, speaking yesterday at the government hour in the State Duma.