“In the framework of this priority, in 2019, upgraded medical equipment 175 regional health organizations providing care to people with cancer, commissioned by 4.4 thousand units of medical equipment, including 212 units of “heavy” equipment,” – said Murashko.

Started to work 141 the center for outpatient cancer care in 58 regions on the basis of medical organizations. In addition, increased availability of chemotherapy. “The multiplicity of cycles of chemotherapy per patient has increased in 4,1 times, with a 1.2 rate in January 2019 to 4.9 rate in December 2019,” said the Minister.

cancer is one of the priority tasks of the national project “Health”, reminded ant. In six years it is planned to reduce the death rate from cancer to 185 cases per 100 thousand population. To achieve this goal it is planned to send nearly a trillion rubles. A large part of these funds will be used to provide the Russians with modern drugs in accordance with international clinical guidelines and treatment protocols. The Minister noted the unprecedented increase in the volume of funds allocated for provision of medicines of cancer patients.

In the framework of the project it is also planned to create centers outpatient anopopei, to increase the availability of radiotherapy in the country to 80% of the demand.

work will Continue and improve diagnostics: will create reference centres where you can remotely set or confirm the diagnosis based on the results of immunohistochemical, pathological and radiological methods of research.