Parents who temporarily withdraw the enrolment of children of day-care facilities in the Midwest, avoid the payment. The children are guaranteed space.

In the Municipality of Gladsaxe get parents to withdraw their children temporarily of day-care facilities.

Also, children in skolefritidsordning (sfo) can be signed out for a period of time, without the usual requirements for notice of intention to resign should be respected.

It has been decided at an extraordinary meeting of the finance Committee on Monday night. It writes TV2 Lorry.

– It is an idea we received from a parent in the municipality in the last week. Now we have hastebehandlet it yesterday evening, and the scheme is in force today, reads it from the Trine Græse (S), who is the mayor of Gladsaxe Municipality, TV2 Lorry.

Although the children will be withdrawn of day-care facilities and sfo, they are guaranteed a place in the same institution afterwards.

this allows parents, who have the ability to care for their children at home during the coronakrisen, avoid payment for a period of time. The hope is that it will create better conditions during the reopening, which begins across the country from Wednesday.

Several institutions, the pressures of having to open for all the smallest children, while at the same time the requirements to, for example, better space between each person must be respected.

– If just five-ten percent use it here, as it will help us a lot, says Trine Græse to the media.

She informs that there will be no cut in the number of employees sent to work.

the Plan is that the lack of revenue from parent payment to pasningsordningerne offset via kommunekassen by the end of 2020.