Belgium’s king Philippe, as of Wednesday, we can celebrate the round birthday was in January, officially a half-sister.

Big joy and big frankincense has marked the anniversary of Belgium’s king Philippe, who on Wednesday celebrates his 60th birthday.

King Philippe is still relatively new in the kongerollen, which he took over in 2013, when his father, Albert II, abdicated due to ill health.

But the king’s father still haunts in the wings.

In January drew Albert II: big headlines in the newspapers, as he acknowledged to be the father of the belgian artist Delphine Boël.

The former king has for years denied being the father of the today 52-year-old woman as the result of an affair.

But after massive pressure from a court in Brussels, agreed Albert II recently to take a dna sample, which therefore turned out to be positive.

Thus king Philippe officially scored a half-sister.

The disputed paternity case is, however, not the only one who has filled any of the belgian king the last year.

King Philippe has also had time to enjoy family life with his wife, queen Mathilde, as he in 2019 to celebrate the 20-year wedding anniversary with.

the Couple are the parents of four children, princess Elisabeth of 18 years, prince Gabriel of 16, prince Emmanuel of 14, and princess Eléonore, on 11.

In October, the royal family celebrate crown princess elizabeth’s 18th birthday.

During the celebration held the young princess, now of age and, if necessary, can take over the throne, a speech at the palace in Brussels, where she thanked her parents, who were clearly touched.

– We are a strong team. Thank you, mother, for your presence and your listening ear. Thanks to you, father, for your trust. I’m sure that I can always rely on you, said crown princess Elisabeth, according to the Image the Magazine.

King Philippe is the seventh monarch since 1830, when Belgium became independent.

He and queen Mathilde have a close relationship to the Danish royal family and was among other guests at the celebration of queen Margrethe’s 75th birthday in 2015.