The car ahead of shopping for growth in attendance. The data provided by the operator of the unified city Wi-Fi network “Maximalism”. The experts reviewed information from 20 thousand points of Internet access in the capital to a regime of isolation and after it.The car is back to almost dekorativnym indicators number of visitors, told “Kommersant FM” the Director for external communications of “Maximalism” Anastasia Samoylova: “We see a significant recovery in traffic in the showrooms. Although they did not have a strong subsidence attendance, as, for example, shops and restaurants. After the lifting of restrictions on 12 may, the traffic has started to recover. There at the beginning of July has returned about 75% of buyers. The popularity of private cars is growing due to the difficult epidemiological situation, and people who can afford personal transportation, choose him.”Whether these data reflect the real demand for cars? The dealerships really fix returning buyers. According to experts, the total drop of the market by the end of the year may be about 20% instead of the expected decline of 50%. However, to speak about the high demand so far, told “Kommersant FM” the President of the Russian Association of automobile dealers Oleg Moseev. While some models, mostly Korean and Japanese production, has already become scarce. “June showed a significantly smaller drop than in April and may. You have to understand that in June closed transactions that began including in late March. To say that there is some speculative demand, is not necessary, because it is not there. The premium segment has historically in times like this always feels better than the mass. The latter is fixed in a specific deficit among those machines that fall under the state program”,— said Moseev. Despite the overall decline, some centers show sales growth on a number of models in the 17-18% compared to last July. But to buy a car at the old price will not happen, says Director of marketing car dealer “Rolf” Julia Ovchinnikova: “Prices this year have already been adjusted twice. In the beginning of the year and in March due to the decline of the ruble. The cost of the brand follows the new models, so here, too, there is growth. In the warehouses of dealers there are machines that came before the March price increase — but that, of course, not 2019, the price is 2020. Now actually on the market begins to form a deficit for a number of models in mass and premium segment. He continues in the third quarter, as there is not enough supply. However, to make predictions on the fourth now.” The restoration of the flow of visitors by about the same 75% observed in the segment of used cars. Here, too, fix the deficit on ��ome model. However, increasing traffic is not yet leading to a sharp increase in sales. Buyers hold back new lending terms from banks, the General Director of a network for the sale and purchase of pre-owned Automama Nikita Bykov: “We work in the most popular segment of the car from RUR 400 thousand to 750 thousand rubles. and at the age of two to ten years. In this segment is Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio in second place, then go to the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Polo. There are some models that are very popular, but until the dealers practically do not reach, because they are high demand. They run like hot cakes is the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry — individuals sell their own via message boards. The availability of auto loans has now halved.That is, if before the crisis the loan took 60% of the cars, now at 30%. Many banks, respectively, strongly tighten the screws. People are in no hurry to sell the car, because it is now less likely to change to something newer”.Read daleside trends this year, experts and high demand for Chinese cars. The growth of sales of these brands accounted for almost 35% compared to last year.Alexander Mezentsev