The official presentation of the Lamborghini Roadster Sian — new, without any exaggeration, a masterpiece of Sant’agata Bolognese — was organized online. Today naturally. But to the correspondent “the Autopilot” had the exclusive opportunity to chat with the creators of the supercar during a “virtual roundtable” to which it invited only 20 selected lucky — my colleagues journalists from around the world. Yes, something like this happened once in real life — in the midst of the auto show or for dinner after test drives. You could easily talk with the head of the company, designer or chief engineer.Perhaps once things return to normal, and we re going to go to these events alive. But the basic logic, based on expenditure, suggests that the good old days will not return. Now we have to admire all this beauty as to be “remote”. Definitely will come back from test drives of vehicles designed for international sales, but supercars like Sian Roadster will always move online. And then to Instagram and garage owners. Judge for yourself: the Roadster edition of only 19 copies and they all sold — which, in essence, test-drives? So what?So to the round table I had prepared a question on this topic. Moreover, with philosophical overtones. I was planning to ask Mitya Borkert — chief designer Lamborghini. But let’s first look at himself Sian Roadster.How many will be in milliseconds?Photo: LamborghiniЭто, as the name implies, an outdoor car, outdoor and in a literal sense, the roof is not even provided. Of course, it is technically the same compartment and the very fact of its creation completes project called Sian which means “lightning” in Bologna dialect. Thus, the name of a supercar for the first time is not connected, sorry, with cattle, but reflects the emergence of the first hybrid in the history of Lamborghini and the presence of electrical components. And globally the project has a direct relationship to the creation date Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963. Coupe build 63 pieces, roadsters — 19. In the end, 1963. Nice work, isn’t it?The electric motor adds another fraction, increasing returns to 819 “horses”. It is powered by unique super-capacitor, located between the cockpit and engine and weighs only 34 kg, but three times more powerful than the battery of the same weight. The maximum speed supercar reaches 350 km/h — though we did not specify how. Accelerate to hundreds in less than 2.9 seconds. And again the Italians with a smile hiding how much “less”. But go and know, you bastards! In addition, the V12 comfortable in all modes, the creators claim that the power plant pulls on the lower, as God. And thanks to the electric motor is easy to Park and roll at speeds closer to the pedestrian. For example, ��if you suddenly found yourself driving in a Roadster Sian in a glamorous tube on the Croisette, you can not even hum motor — attention on you, and so will pay.From Russia, anonimnie: LamborghiniЯ ready for virtual presentations are scheduled for the evening in Moscow. But something went wrong. The system could not sustain the influx of two dozen journalists and demanded to reduce my question to a couple short sentences. I cut, but the meaning of the question was almost lost, moreover, I immediately pressed the “send” button, forgetting to mention his name. So Russia is against this historical virtual forum was presented by a character named Popolo — what I’m going to truly regret for the rest of their days.A colleague from India asked a clarifying question: “is There any chance that the Roadster will buy it in India?” “No!” Signor Perosino dressed in a delightful blue double-breasted blazer was mercilessly brief. Than a little confused by the lead, which he conducted all this action from London. It sounded like it was very difficult for London today from us distant as ever, the delay in sound was on the order of seconds — Sian Roadster during that time it has clocked almost to a hundred.Fans track sensations asked him a question about the system ALA which has, in particular, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, conquered the Nurburgring Nordschleife in an incredible 6:44.97. This “smart” system of active aerodynamics controls the flow of air and generates more downforce, which adds the car speed in the turns. But Sian Roadster this system decided not to put. Maurizio argued that the decision was the fact that the project Sian collectible rather than sports. You can not argue.Line Gentinetta: LamborghiniLamborghini rapidly gaining momentum after the pandemic. Director Giovanni Perosino did not specify sales figures, but assured that the company feels is better than competitors. Unfortunately, participants are not promised the world a second SUV in Lamborghini Urus, despite the fact that that was the rumor.But back to the Roadster. And now all the attention is on the chief — the chief-designer Mitya Borkert. That he today decides what will look like a Lamborghini. And there is no doubt that he has invested in Sian Roadster all his soul. I remember how he enthusiastically introduced the coupe Sian at the last motor show in Frankfurt. Was there.Photo: LamborghiniПо fact, this “virtual table” it was difficult for him to add anything to what he said earlier. He’s a big fan of Lamborghini Countach LP 400 Periscopio, so named because of the small rear view mirrors on the roof — without it the review ago the driver was practically absent. Created Countach Marcello Gandini — the then young designer, when he was even younger than Mitya. Borkert obviously like to continue, in his own words, “the line Gandini”, add in a rigid carbon monocoque hexagons here and there. But this is only inthe current side. In fact, all serious: in aerodynamics, the Roadster is not inferior to the coupe. Part of the air reserve a special valve to the rear of the body, which operate on the principle of the gills of fishes, though the supercar resembles the back rather of the Armadillo.It is possible that while writing this text, the owner of the Roadster has already lit a cigar and discussing the nuances of the finish in the cool lounge the Lamborghini Centro Stile. And there is, I believe, of all people, know how to turn the client’s head at the premiere models were fantastic discs Golden in color, as a symbol of electrification, perhaps — go and abandon this! Especially in our time.The virtual world of mirfoto: LamborghiniА now my question Mitya Borkert, which never sounded. Here it is: “my childhood dream was to drive in a Lamborghini Miura. It was a real supercar in every sense. Now there is a virtual Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo is a modern road supercars Lamborghini. The feeling is that the dreams of fans of the brand gradually transferred to the world, which is much better than the real thing: there are less restrictions and Vice versa — the more technical, design possibilities and in General freedom. Young begin to dream about cars that do not belong to this world, and as a consequence to be disappointed in the real supercars if they met them in the street. What do you say?”Photo: LamborghiniРазумеется, I didn’t mean actual Lamborghini Roadster Sian. Because it is insanely beautiful. But the occasion to talk there, you will agree. Yes, in Sant’agata Bolognese finished project Sian, but there they have a lot of things. “Be prepared for the unexpected”— several times during the presentation of repeated Mitya Borkert. The main thing is not to expect the unexpected. In this year of surprises already in excess. But thanks Lamborghini!Igor Shein