the Mother of three children, Rhiannon Parker from British Yorkshire has told how she manages to maintain perfect order in the house. Her story publishes an edition of The Sun.

According to 33-year-old writer and assistant teachers, she was able to organize every inch of space in her house. The main secret — you must be uncompromising during harvest and mercilessly get rid of unnecessary items, and each item should have its own place.

first and foremost, Rhiannon found a way to store children’s drawings: she photographs the work and fold in one book, which occupies much less space than five large folders that had accumulated over the years. Each of the pictures she signs, then the children could understand which of them and when it’s painted. The woman notes that this is very helpful, because not all drawings and crafts children can be stored for long periods, but this way you can leave them in memory.

Rhiannon four times a year conducts a General cleaning before Christmas and birthday each of my children. This allows you to make room for new things. Woman mercilessly gets rid of the things of which children have grown up, and toys in which they play. She puts them in the basket, and then sends in a charity shop or sell on online platforms.

Sometimes a woman goes to the trick: if she had any doubts of the need to get rid of some things or toys, she hides it for three months in the garage. If none of the children asked about her, she also goes on sale. While Rhiannon does not hide from his children, if he wants something to get rid of, and involve them too in the process.

in addition, it puts things in color, in particular, puts so books on the shelves. Designed for all signed cases, crates and containers. Rhiannon notes that such organization allows to save several hours per week. She also advises everyone to wash and clean up before going to sleep, not to spend time on it in the morning.

the Woman told that even a child hates a mess, because growing up in a large family. In the house everything was chaotic and Rhiannon had not been taught to organize space, she learned it with time itself. In addition, she is very forgetful, so she had to cultivate the habit of keeping things in their places. She also admitted that she is a big fan of the singer and TV presenter Stacey Solomon giving advice on the organization of space.

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