American singer Melissa Viviane Jefferson, known as Lizzo, showed the fans his naked body and was surprised by their green hair. Photo appeared on her personal Instagram account.

the picture shows the 32-year-old celebrity is Topless, covering her Breasts with his hands. While her body and face covered with labels in the form of gold stars with rhinestones.

the Actress also showed fans a new image of her is painted bright green hair. “That’s what they mean when they say “I’m a star””, signed Lizzo post with 1.2 million likes.

Fans admired the picture of Jefferson. “You’re like a mermaid, which catches the rays of the sun on the shore,” “This is the fire picture I’ve ever seen”, “in Love with her and how comfortable she feels in her body”, “You’re unbelievable!”, “Body hair! Stunning!” — they wrote in the comments.

July 16, fighting for bodypositive Lizzo showed cellulite on video and has inspired their fans. Published footage it was captured in a white t-shirt and shorts with print avocado, and a t-shirt in black. Subscribers praised the singer for her confidence.