The singer Boris Moiseev sit on the lap of a solid male audience during their performances. About it reports “”.

Yesterday, as reported by the “Rambler”, “” has published another episode of the documentary series about the history of pop music. He focuses on the events, phenomena and actors 1993.

“It was in 1993 that Russian show business has really become the industry”, — said in the video description.

In the movie calls to evaluate the courage of Moses, who made a public coming out in a country known for and proud of their homophobia. It also says that Moses was untwisted in the production of the shock content, which in the first half of 1990-ies was for the citizens of Russia new.

So, during performances, the singer wore a feather boa, stockings-fishnet womens dresses with deep neckline and “speak”, sit on the knees respectable men who were present in the auditorium.

“the Audience often didn’t know how to stop blushing at his concerts, but could not tear myself away,” notes “”.