the Pupils of the fifth classes of the Moscow school № 1306 took part in the pilot testing of innovation. They passed a two-month online course in creative programming that is designed to teach children from five to 17 years. The program is implemented by the innovation Agency of the city of Moscow, subordinate to the Moscow Department of entrepreneurship and innovation.

as part of testing, students received theoretical and practical knowledge, worked on projects, took tests and solve programming problems. Fifth graders learned the basics of animation, including complex stories and dialogues and have mastered the principles of development— worked on mechanics and scripts, read the code, identify bugs and fix them.

the School № 1306 selected as a pilot site, is, has the status of “school of young politician”, has partnered with the Academy of military Sciences and is engaged in joint innovative projects with corporations rostec and “Roskosmos”. Furthermore, the establishment is part of the Moscow innovation cluster. Participation in the testing program of innovation has allowed the school to introduce high-tech solution in the educational process.

the Moscow Government has adopted a new package of measures to support Predprinimatelskaya will assess the projects of the competition “Innovation against the crisis.”

on may 26, Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree. According to him, high-tech businesses will receive support in the testing of their developments systematically and on a permanent basis. Previously, the program runs in test mode.

the project involves pilot testing of innovation. These include commercial and governmental organizations, scientific-practical centers, manufacturing enterprises, retailers, healthcare organizations and hospitals, as well as art spaces, major universities and schools.

Until the end of the year it is planned to hold about in the sphere of trade and services, energy efficiency, information technology and communication, medicine, environment, security, transport and education.

to participate in the program may be companies or startups that develop or produce a unique service or product. To get more information and request for participation at the website of the Moscow innovation cluster.

the innovation Agency of the city of Moscow established a Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow and brings together representatives of city government and business to jointly address the challenges in creating, testing and implementation of innovative solutions.