Metropolitan police told which setup gives them the authorities to verify compliance with the isolation. There are no plans to protocols no, says the police officer, on the contrary, the police “asked” to treat others “with understanding.”

On instructions from his superiors, one of the police in Moscow said on condition of anonymity. Staff should look out for on the streets of suspicious persons, check of migrant workers, writes “MK”. The protocols, says the interlocutor of the edition are written only to the noisy and drunken company.

To moms with children, we generally are loyal — the kids really go crazy at home, a month and a half already sitting, we too understand it, — quotes the police edition.

To the elderly, the police are also suitable, but only ostensibly in order to “fix” that they are on the street.

We have distributed the questionnaire, we ask an elderly person a name, a patronymic, phone, home. All of this is entered into the form, the person signs it. Then the forms go to the town hall, explained the policeman.

Earlier reported that police major and head of district in the city of Novosibirsk Elena Ustinov was dismissed. She made subordinate to the plan for penalties for violators of isolation. Your order it sent out on WhatsApp.