MOSCOW, April 30. /TASS/. Seventy more patients were admitted to Moscow’s Kommunarka hospital No. 40 in the past 24 hours, which is almost 50 more than one day before, hospital head Denis Protsenko said in his Facebook.”There are 540 patients in the hospital. Of them, 532 or 98% are diagnosed with pneumonia; 337 or 62% have confirmed COVID diagnosis; 70 new patients were admitted in the past 24 hours,” he wrote.According to the chief physician, 49 patients stay in the intensive care unit, 26 are connected to ventilators. Out of those 49 patients, 19 are aged between 41 and 60, while other 30 are aged over 61.According to Svetlana Krasnova, chief physician of Moscow’s Infectious Diseases Hospital No.  2, 42 new patients were admitted to her hospital, six of them with confirmed COVID diagnosis, which is almost as many as the day before. Besides, 74 people were discharged, of whom 22 recovered from the coronavirus.A total of 702 patients remain in the hospital, 21 of them being in the intensive care unit; one day ago, there were 734 patients. Coronavirus infection is confirmed in 227 patients.