Morgenstern is preparing a new fit with some mysterious artist. On the upcoming release of the rapper big plans and the Alisher calls the track “collaboration of the year”. But there is one “But”.

Classified by ignore Morgen last two weeks and not get in touch. This was the rapper himself said in Instagram, putting a colleague an ultimatum:

This is my second appeal to our respected serious actor, if during the day with me, no one communicates, I just take the track and throw on the floor! I’m not going to list you as a second artist! But really people, thank you, I didn’t even have to invent anything to hype to catch up!

Of course fans build predpolojenie, who is this secret guest and most agree – Timothy, about a possible collaboration which Morgenstern said a few weeks ago.

“I Give more hours, and if within those days with me, no one communicates, I throw a track to the site, I will need your consent, I’m not capable of found. Go to court to block the track for all I care”

We can only wait for the premiere.