Cooperation to tackle COVID-19 was one of the last videoconference of Council of heads of governments of the CIS. “Our countries have not only common borders, but also a single epidemiological space, the Russian Prime Minister said colleagues. – So the combined response is based on common best practices that worked was in Soviet times”.

the situation with the spread of infection stabiliziruemost, said Mishustin. Reduction of growth in the number of cases allowed a number of Russian regions to gradually lift the restrictions. “But such steps while we do very carefully,” – said the Prime Minister.

In the framework of the CIS countries to quickly interact with each other, to collectively take action to combat infection, and control over the situation is almost in real time. “The main task is to detect the disease in its early stages, and health services of our countries share techniques to combat infection, provide the necessary assistance to test systems, materials,” – said the Prime Minister. Russia previously gave the partners a test system for carrying out hundreds of thousands of studies. In the near future will be supplied overseas another million tests. Most of them, assured Mikhail Mishustin, reserved for the Commonwealth.

“the capabilities of our health system allow us to fight for patients’ lives,” – said the Russian Prime Minister. At the same time, he said, the Commonwealth should strengthen practical cooperation in the field of sanitary protection. With this purpose, our country initiated the development of two documents: agreement on cooperation for prevention and response to emergencies in public health and provision of basic organization in this field.