the head of the EEC recalled that at the present time “in the integration Association is composed of five countries: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. The status of observer state is Moldova. Your wish to obtain the status of observer state, declared Uzbekistan”.

On the dynamics of international authority of the organization, according to Myasnikovich, according to signed trade agreements with Vietnam, Iran, China, Singapore and Serbia, memorandums with 8 regional integration unions, with 14 governments of third countries, with 11 ministries and agencies of third countries, 38 international organizations and their missions.

the Chairman of the EEC Board stressed that the strengthening of economic ties in such a large international coalition, like the EEU, “helps companies and organizations to work more efficiently and consistently”. Accepted topical solutions to ensure mutually beneficial trade, formed a common market of goods, adopted by 48 technical regulations of the Union, single market of services distributed in 53 of the sector.

Thanks to the efforts of heads of member States of the EAEC and the government of the Union, stated the head of the College, “creates favorable conditions for living and working citizens of the member States, provided for mutual recognition of documents on education, signed the agreement on pension provision”.