on the eve of the Day of logistics of the Armed forces of Russia, celebrated on 1 August, the Deputy Russian defense Minister army General Dmitry Bulgakov told about how has changed the diet of soldiers and what’s new in logistic support of the troops. In 2020 the rear service of the army and Navy, which traces its history from the time of Peter, celebrates 320 years.

it Turns out that recently the Ministry of defence is under active research in the development of a new individual food rations for military personnel of different specialties. In the formation of the food ration accounted for the increased intensity of the service-combat activities of troops and a vast geography of locations, from areas with extremely cold climate to hot deserts. All this was told by Dmitry Bulgakov in an interview with “Krasnaya Zvezda”.

In the so-called on-Board rations for crews of aircraft and helicopters were previously canned porridge with meat weighing 250 grams. Now, at the request of flight crews the rations changed. It contains canned food improved formulation, which consist of meat and vegetables. Increased weight canned – up to 400 grams.

overall, the new flight rations, according to General Bulgakov, consists of meals, ready to eat. They all have a modern and ergonomic packaging. To open them, it does not require any special tools and instruments.

in addition, as reported in the defense Ministry for the supply and maintenance of troops in Arctic conditions, developed a whole family of new logistics complexes crawler.

Now in the Russian army have designed specifically for the Arctic bakery HPA-500/30ПМ, tank for transportation of water CVA-10/30ПМ and Arctic kitchen KA-250/30ПМ. Created also tracked fuel-lube GTS-14/30ПМ. By the approach of another new vehicle of KAMAZ in the Arctic execution.