Us bases in Greenland, absolutely defenseless in front of the Russian missile systems “Dagger”, said the journalist, Danish newspaper Berlingske Emile Rottwell. He stressed that these weapons drastically changes the balance of power in the Arctic, and all thanks to the unusual properties of the “Dagger.”

the Publication quoted the Danish military Anders-a Bunch of Nielsen, who believes that the United States has nothing to respond to the Russian “Daggers”. On the basis of the US “Thule” has radar, and Russia will be able to destroy them in case of attack. “And now they are virtually not protected, so the Americans have a new task in Greenland,” – says the publication.

the Conflict could spiral out of control to NATO because of the strength of the Russian forces in the Arctic region and the Baltic. “This is not pure fiction, and, perhaps, something that Russia today is capable of” – emphasizes the Danish edition. And warns the West not to make hasty steps to the North, which could provoke Russia. This applies to the Northern sea route through the Arctic ocean, through which Americans could send ships. But they shouldn’t do.

Recall that the missile systems “Dagger” in 2018 in the message to the Federal Assembly showed President Vladimir Putin. It is also known that in 2019, Russia has successfully tested missiles “Dagger” of the MiG-31K in the Arctic.

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