production at the plant “Borets” in the area of Savelovsky station, finally got up about 10 years ago. But factory buildings – industrial building, the model workshop and the already mentioned tower have architectural value. In addition, “the Wrestler” is valuable and its history: here, for example, worked Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya. “Initially, the concept of LCD “the Sheremetyevo” for the preservation of the historical ensemble – confirmed “RG” the head of territorial management of GK “PEAK” Ilya Cheprasov. – Considered various options, how to fit it into our project, and came to the conclusion that the ideal scenario – the movement of buildings.” In addition to the LCD there will be built an industrial Park, and that’s where the developers decided to “carry” factory sites. In Moscow, this technology is known to have used in 30-70 years, when they moved the building on Tverskaya, Serafimovich, Lyusinovskaya and other streets. But the last time this method was used nearly a century ago.

“For a basis took the old practices, but some innovations had to be made, – said General Director of restoration and construction company “Acabou” Dmitry Gulich. Under the building brought new metallic Foundation. The tower on him raised, and all installed on the rails”. To “move” to facilitate the construction of the tower pulled out of the screed, the old walls, removed the roof and the water tank. The water tower is now moving on the South side of the construction site. Move it in small areas until covered 30 meters, stayed another 90.

behind the tower is almost the same route will move the shop and workshop. This historical ensemble will be located near Technopark. The former factory building will be restored, they knead offices and public Museum.