the Russian actor and Director Nikita Mikhalkov appealed to the channel “Russia 24” on YouTube channel of its author’s program “Besogon TV”, expressing regret about the decision to withdraw from the new issue of transmission, in which he spoke about the desire of the billionaire and philanthropist bill gates chipped all people in the world.

According to Mikhalkov, the decision to withdraw the release from the air means that there is a certain “inviolable” and that “truth is useless”. “I feel sorry for that channel will disappear one of the few gear, by the way, with a huge rating, in which we want to quietly and seriously ask questions and seek the answer together,” said Mikhalkov, complaining of censorship.

the Director said he did not know whether his author program and continue to broadcast TV channel: “I don’t know if we’re going to continue this and where if we will.” Mikhalkov also said that his transfer caused a “hysterical fear.”

Previously, the TV channel “Russia 24” has made the decision on removal of the ether a new edition of the author’s program of Nikita Mikhalkov “Besogon” called “one in the pocket of the United States?” premiered may 1. This was reported by the Agency TASS with reference to the press service of the Director.

In the new issue of his transfer, the Director suspected the founder of Microsoft is that he wants to microchip all people in the world.